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London Calling

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London Calling

It’s been a bit of a fractious Monday as far as this election is concerned, particularly with the Iraq situation raising it’s ugly head. However, I’ll start off with this funny but very irreverent flash movie “London Calling” which I bumped into yesterday. It always amazes me the lengths of ingenuity and inventiveness people go to when composing flash movies. You will need Macromedia’s Shockwave player to view the movie, but there is a link to download it, and it only takes a few minutes.

London Calling election movie – click here

Did Blair lie over Iraq? – click here

Charles Kennedy has been scathing in his assesment of Tony Blahh today, going so far as to suggest that if he were re-elected the Prime Minister could not be trusted to keep us out of another war. He reflects my own view that the U.S. are strategically placed to attack Iran over it’s nuclear arms policy, with large garrisons to the left and right in Iraq and Afghanistan.

PM could drag us into new war – click here

Michael Howard has been more direct and straight forward by branding Blahh a liar
“He has told lies to win elections. On the one thing on which he has taken a stand in the eight years he has been Prime Minister, which is taking us to war, he didn’t even tell the truth on that,” Mr Howard told the BBC.

Howard accuses Blair of lies – click here

In Sedgefield where Reg Keys is standing against Blahh as an Independent, celebs are arriving in droves, and representatives of the world’s press descend to hear from the father of a Lance Corporal killed in Iraq (in the same incident that killed one of our boys from South Tyneside). Reg has a former Labour MP as his agent and also has the help of another famous former independent MP Martin Bell, his funding is increasing daily with lots of donations, and I’d be fascinated to see how many votes he wins on May 5th. The Independent has ran a lengthy article on Reg Key’s campaign in Segefield (where Blahh has been seen just once since the election was called)

Reg Keys in The Independent – click here

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April 25, 2005 at 6:50 pm

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