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Backing Bliar (and that’s not a misspell!)

That ever popular website “Backing Blair” has been steadily and relentlessly promoting the idea of a protest vote in next Thursday’s election. Following Bliar’s difficulties over Iraq, and his inability to spell out plans for increased National Insurance contributions after the election, Backing Bliar has issued some advice for our constituency of South Shields. On the firm understanding that they would expect Mr. Miliband to win the seat, they firmly suggest that those who wish to make a sound protest and inflict a bloody nose on new Labour should cast their vote for RICHARD LEWIS.

Backing Bliar – click here

Early years of political learning

I was born and brought up in John Williamson Street near the riverside, and during my childhood and early teens I enjoyed the comforts of a cold tap in the yard, outside netties in the yard, shovelling coal into the coal house (this was necessary to heat the living room and main bedroom, and for cooking on the black range), boiling countless pans of water to fill a zinc bath in the living room, gas street lamps outside of our bedroom window, cobble stoned streets etc. and just about everything else that you might read in a Catherine Cookson book.

My life was like this until 1973 god damn!

In 1945, Major Dennis Healey, who had just been elected as MP for Leeds in Labour’s landslide victory promised Britain would be “a land fit for heroes”, pah! Successive Labour Government’s and local Labour Councils were not even able to raise our standard of living to include a bathroom or running hot water nearly thirty years after the war had ended, so much for representing the working class!

Yes, it coloured my views somewhat.

The advent of Thatcherism brought us the comforts and luxuries (hot water, bathroom and separate w.c., central heating. a fridge, a washing machine etc.) that the rest of you had taken for granted many years before. The part of town where we lived became the Western Approach Road in 1980, many parts of the area still remain barren and nothing has been rebuilt there for 25 years, is it any wonder that Frederick Street is dying on it’s feet? It needed new housing around it for heaven’s sake, not factory units!!

So remember old South Shields when you cast your vote, remember how little progress we have seen under Labour over the last 50 years, remember the debacles such as Temple Memorial Park and Trow Quarry, remember mostly that Labour’s promises remain unfulfilled, going all the way back to 1945. Remember, Labour isn’t interested in helping you or I, the party is only interested in helping itself! (A Labour Councillor can earn more money from his/her allowance than I can earn from my full time job!)

On May 5th. go out and vote – VOTE CONSERVATIVE!

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May 1, 2005 at 8:10 pm

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