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Readhead’s Landing

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Readhead’s Landing – further support.

I have just received a telephone call from an 85 year old gentleman who claims that he may have taught me at Barnes Road Junior School in the 1960’s, offering his support in my campaign to have the pedestrian access gate at Redhead’s Landing reopened. He didn’t wish to divulge his name but was able to recall all of the staff at the school from over fourty years ago, and many of the pupils too, but this recollection and a memory for childrens’ faces is a gift given only to good teachers.
He decided to get in touch after he read my series of letters published in the Shields Gazette on this and other topics, and hunted down my telephone number. I wish my memory was as good as his, I have a nagging feling that I know his voice and perhaps his face (as I think he is now a regular visitor to the corner shop). I am having a guess that his surname is Leslie.
Despite his age, his voice hints that he has a reasonable level of good health and fitness, and he threatens to down to Readhead’s Landing and cut the lock away himself if the Council doesn’t get off it’s backside and desist from fence sitting.
Perhaps he will enjoy this picture on Carol Green’s site of one of our football teams, we sported a blue and white kit at the time which looked a bit like Ipswich Town’s. I regularly played football with many of these lads in the streets and back lanes around Laygate and the riverside, most of them are a year or two older than me. Brian Hunter, David Wraith, and Malcolm Newman all lived in John Williamson Street with me, and Raymond Malcolm lived in the flat above us, Malcolm Newman is still employed by South Tyneside Borough Council if I am not mistaken. David Wraith manages the library service in Brighton and his brother Edmund is a Consultant Paediatrician at Manchester Royal Hospital. The teacher, Ken Galley went on to become headmaster at Hadrian Junior School on the Lawe and he is still alive and well in South Shields also aged about 85.

Small world!


Written by curly

November 1, 2005 at 10:00 pm

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  1. HI
    My name is Brian Hunter who lived in John Williamson Street and attended Barnes Road, infant and Junior and then on to Dean Road secondary school for a couple of years. Passed the 13+ and ended up with Malcolm Newman at the Grammar school on Lisle Road.
    Great days. Malcolm lived in Alice street on other side of the back lane. Any contact would be interesting.
    Many blessings
    Brian H.

    Brian Hunter

    April 9, 2021 at 7:18 pm

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