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Major disturbance at Mile End Road

Coston Drive, Mile End Road, South Shields 4.30 p.m.

Having recently posted that the last incident of major note to feature violence with the ethnic community was in 1931 at the Mill Dam, I am sad to report what some police officers described as a “major incident” this afternoon.

A large and violent confrontation involving around 30 to 40 adults and youths all from the Bengali community took place at the Mile End Road estate, local residents in Livingstone Place and Cleveland Place reported seeing broken bottles and knives being used as weapons and a large police response quickly ensued. Dog handlers, plain clothed detectives, and uniformed constables from all parts of South Tyneside, including the Marine Unit were called upon to quell the disturbance as a large crowd of onlookers gathered in the Asda car park opposite.
The estate was quickly ringed with a heavy police presence (shown in blue on the map) to ensure that further elements were unable to join in the disturbance. I was unable to gain any verification about the source of the trouble or discover what the flashpoint was, however, information was given to me that a number of assailants had travelled to the area from Bradford in West Yorkshire.
Most witnesses reported that arrests were not made, or at least not in the immediate aftermath, nobody was seen to be taken away in any of the large number of police vehicles parked on Coston Drive. Local police constables told me that they would maintain an active presence on the estate for the remainder of this evening, to ensure that the peace would be maintained.

My greatest concern here (unless I have been misinformed) is that in any violent incident involving knives, arrests ought to have been made, irrespective of the ethnic backgrounds of those involved. Perhaps arrests may follow later as police discover more detailed information.

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November 2, 2005 at 10:32 pm

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