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Does my bummer wife look big in this?

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Leave my perks alone cries Cherie!

If Cruella de Blair wishes to flounce around in the designer froth virtually given to her during her husband’s tenure in office, one might have thought she would follow the trends of the designer and model sets by getting into shape, or producing a fitness DVD to add to her growing wealth.

The Mail on Sunday today reports on the dreadful frostiness between Cruella and two Cabinet Secretaries who had the misfortune to have to meet her in the course of their (very civil) duties. Apparently she wears creations valued at 10,000 pounds , more than most working people would pay for a used car! Cherie would be getting these creations at discounts of up to 50%, made a little easier by virtue of her position.

A former colleague of Cabinet Secretary Lord (Andrew) Turnbull said:


“Margaret Thatcher was punctilious in understanding the distinction between what had to be paid for from her own pocket and what could be paid from taxpayers’ money. Andrew had to stop her paying for things herself when she didn’t need to. It is the opposite with the Blairs. All Ministers have to realise that there are three pots of public money they can draw on: as a Minister, as a Party member and as an MP. The fourth pot is their own. Each has to be kept separate. In terms of ethics, this is crucial. With the Blairs the lines are dangerously blurred.”

The Conservatives have already accused the Blairs of encouraging a national sense of personal greed pervading from the top to the bottom of society – make your own minds up.


The Mail on Sunday


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January 21, 2007 at 4:25 pm

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