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Three times and you’re out?

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sleazysnap game

Sleazy Snap!

I’m really not too sure on the rules of this game, what happens if the card turns up three times in a row? Or was that another game where you get sent to jail? Now tell the truth and don’t go covering yourself up behind that nice green baize cloth, it will only make matters worse you know, that “go to jail and do not pass go” card could be yours for life!

Edward Davey, the Liberal Democrats’ chief of staff, in The Times said:

“Increasingly this sorry affair has the whiff of Watergate about it. For Nixon the crime was the cover-up, but we must await the result of the police investigation to see whether something similar is now happening in Downing Street.”

Meanwhile the Chairman of the Commons Public Administration Committee, Tony Wright, is calling for the Yates investigation to be brought to a conclusion because “it is damaging the political system”. Perhaps the police, the CPS, and ultimately a jury, ought to decide who is damaging the political system, don’t you think?

Tony Wright is a Labour MP.

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Written by curly

January 31, 2007 at 10:27 am

Posted in politics, sleaze

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