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Government just cannot get IT right

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£6.2bn IT scheme for NHS ‘is not working and is not going to work’

In yet another huge embarassment for this Labour government the IT scheme planned to bring the NHS massively improved front line services for patients is patently going pear shaped in a big way. A lack of vision and poor understanding of the sheer size of the task meant that the IT overhaul “isn’t working and isn’t going to work”, Andrew Rollerson, an executive with Fujitsu, one of the system’s providers, said.

The National Audit Office estimates that the whole project will cost£12.4 billion pounds, and  for a system that is not going to work this is a disgrace. Central government is getting into familiar territory again with an IT network not properly designed nor commissioned.

Yet they expect us to go along with Tony Blair’s ideas of a “big brother Britain” and his giant database collecing every known facet of our lives together into one place.

I suppose we should only worry in case they get it right!


Written by curly

February 13, 2007 at 9:26 am

Posted in Health, Labour, politics, Waste

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  1. Curly everybody is worried about big brother , but look at it this way ,for every person they are watching needs another person to do the watching ,so 30mil will watch the other 30mil,even with camera’s, they can only be used in a live situation or a recorded situation ,so they can only get you doing it now ,or try to get you later on.
    My problem is who watches the watcher.


    February 13, 2007 at 7:37 pm

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