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Rosettes or ribbons?

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Tory party looking to change.

Former Conservative Leader of the old Tyne and Wear County Council Derek Conway MP said the following in response to the revelation that the Conservative Party is market testing an alternative to the traditional blue rosette;

“I always feel a bit of prat when I’m wearing one. The only time I wore one
at the last election was at the count and I was worried it gives an aiming point
to the disgruntled. I think most politicians look faintly ridiculous when they
wear a rosette and the average voter groans when they see a candidate wearing
one approaching them in the street.”

Many years ago, the traditional Tory rosette in these parts was red, in deference to the jacket worn by the Duke of Northumberland’s huntsmen, which must have caused some confusion. 18 Doughty Street did some market testing of their own, you can see the wonderful rather predictable results – here.

I don’t think that the general public could give two hoots whether campaigning politicians wear rosettes, ribbons, or football scarves for that matter. They probably hope that politicians have something better to do with their time and energies.

I wonder what our local politicians feel about the idea, ribbons do tend to be de rigeur at the moment?

Written by curly

February 16, 2007 at 2:27 pm

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