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Happy hunting!

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Cameron deerstalker

The Deer Hunter

It has been revealed that David Cameron is a “dead eye dick” when it comes to stalking old stags found strolling around on the Scottish hillsides. His stepfather Viscount Astor has a large back garden on the Isle of Jura and David likes nothing better than crawling around in the grass with a big bore rifle shooting even bigger bores!

Party chiefs are confident that he has the right beast in his sites and are only afraid that a younger stag might be elected leader of the herd to give young Cameron a bit of a chase.

There were no comments on the huntin’, shootin’, and fishin’ issue on the Miliblog today!

Note for bloggers, if you are intending to make use of this graphic, a link back would be much appreciated.

Written by curly

February 25, 2007 at 10:15 am

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