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Tories call for border police!

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airport check in

Better than I.D. cards!

After months of banging on about the idea in this blog, I’m glad that someone is at last sitting up and taking notice! David Cameron will address the the Metropolitan Police Service Marine Support Unit, saying:

“Right now our society is not properly defended against the drug dealers, people smugglers, gun importers and terrorists who find it all too easy to bypass the current system.”

The whole idea that I.D. cards will help in the fight against terrorism is an absolute nonsense, and Tony Blair knows it, the only real effective way to control the influx of unwanted visitors, unwanted drugs trade, and unwanted weapons, is a beefed up body of border police at ports, airports, railway terminals and wherever else they are required. The money could be made available by diverting it away from NuLabour’s fantasy schemes aimed at building the world’s biggest database!

This measure would also go a long way towards helping reduce other crime rates in the U.K. which rely on poor border security for the illegal importation of weapons and drugs, the importance of eradicating their use in our inner cities cannot be overestimated.

Written by curly

February 26, 2007 at 10:59 am

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