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Things are looking shaky for Labour.

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shaking treasury benchNew poll suggests 100 seat Cameron majority!

Labour Party MP’s are today showing distinct signs of the “jitters” after a poll commissioned for the Independent shows that support for the party, and Gordon Brown, is draining away rapidly.

The poll suggests that support for Cameron’s Conservative Party is at a fifteen year high and firming, with most people who identify with the party expressing an intent to vote for it at the next election. Crucially for Gordon Brown the poll shows that he is losing the trust of most of us when it comes to the economy.

Labour MP’s in marginal seats will not exactly be comforted by this latest poll, which confirms trends shown by other recent polling results, and they will now be anxious for a real electoral contest to find a new leader for New Labour, rather than having a “coronation” of the Chancellor. Pressure will be mounting on South Shields MP, and Environment Secretary, David Miliband to change from his declared course and provide the party with an opportunity to skip a generation and present a leader as young as David Cameron.

Hilary Benn, the son of Viscount Stangate, Tony Benn, is the latest to admit that his party has lost the trust of the public and acknowledges the disastrous role of the “spin doctors”, he said;

“Actually, people are yearning for a kind of direct straightforward politics, and that requires straightforwardness from us and straight forwardness from the public as well. The worst kind of politics is when politicians appear to be remote, declaring from on high, and telling everybody else what to do.”

Another one who can now see the writing on the wall. 


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February 27, 2007 at 12:37 pm

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