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Campbell to cash in.

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Alastair CampbellThe wages of spin!

Alastair Campbell, the Prime Minister’s spinmaster general has a book deal that will see him earn more than £1 million from the diary that he kept whilst helping to preen Tony Blair in office.

The PM’s former propagandist has signed the huge deal with Random House and his book “The Blair Years” will be published within days of Tony Blair’s exit from Downing Street, similar fees have been agreed to serialise th book in The Sun and The Times.

Campbell will hopefully be a little more honest in his description of the events which led to the “suicide” of Dr. David Kelly, and perhaps the book will reveal whether or not Campbell was responsible for describing  Gordon Brown as “psychologically flawed, he might also explain how Labour manages to keep everything together in tight circles (his partner Fiona Miller worked as a special advisor to Cherie Blair.)

Curly is astonished at the amount of people who are beating their breasts and wringing hands over the obscene amount of money that Campbell stands to earn from this venture, and I ask, “are you really surprised, didn’t you expect it?”

Written by curly

March 9, 2007 at 9:58 am

Posted in Labour, News, politics

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