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Budget fears for Madge and friends

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Madge, Curly's Corner ShopBrown to target car drivers again!

Curly is having a busy morning again out at the Cash and Carry first, then off to the chemist to collect prescriptions, then back to look after Mrs. Curly and Missy Curly who have both gone down with heavy colds. It doesn’t surprise me what with this awfully cold wind and a sky that looks ready to dump half of the contents of the arctic circle on us, so much for global warming!

Mrs. Baggit has just been in, smirking and scowling as usual as she pointedly told me that the bloody Chancellor Gordon Brown, (after having his ear bent by South Shields’ own MP David Miliband), is about to hammer us motorists once again. She just doesn’t understand that getting two kids to my mothers before they go to school, running down to the supermarket, then getting to work for 8.00 a.m. cannot be done on foot (I’m not like Curly dashing around the town like “road-runner” with his get fit routines.) I’ve got be practical, haven’t I. Yeah, it’s all right for her and her bloody husband, fat bank accounts and a Toyota Prius stood on the drive, just the two of them, no kids to worry about.

Most of my friends at the school are in the same boat, we have small jobs with small incomes (sorry Curly), so we can’t afford bright new shiny eco-friendly vehicles, and I can hardly run around with two kids under the age of six looking like a caravan of cycles can I? Me and my mates can only afford second hand used cars at a price that we can afford, I try to make do with a 1 litre Micra, it does me, but because of it’s age it’s emissions don’t fall into the favoured band for a £40 tax rate, blast! So, no relief for Madge then eh?

Mrs. Baggit had no sympathy, she thought it was bloody funny that Brown was about to make his 100th. tax rise, well she can take her bloody lefty principles and stick them in the nearest recycling bin for all I care, what does she and her like really care about those like me at the bottom of the heap eh?

God, I’ll be in trouble off Curly now!

Posted by Madge.

Written by curly

March 19, 2007 at 12:21 pm

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