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David Miliband MP

Reid puts more pressure on Miliband

In an indication that Labour’s Cabinet is beginning to split over the “coronation” of Gordon Brown after Tony Blair gives up the Presidency Premiership, Home Secretary John Reid is reported in today’s Telegraph as being ready to step into the breach if David Miliband, South Shields’ MP, does not offer himself as a candidate for the Labour Party leadership contest.

Miliband has been very consistent in his responses to questions about whether he will seek to lead the party after Blair’s demise departure, saying “No” at every juncture, he is currently on a family holiday in France probably contemplating the words of Tony Blair and planning his future course. Opinion polls continue to show that Labour’s popularity will disappear completely continue to fall with Gordon Brown “crowned” as leader and becoming our next Prime Minister.

“In recent weeks, according to senior Blairites, the party’s private polling has shown the Chancellor’s popularity falling badly among voters – particularly after his 2p cut in income tax was denounced as a Budget “con trick” by the Tories and he was found to have acted against warnings from his civil servants in his decision to launch a “raid” on pension funds in 1997 which has cost them £100 million.

Ministers close to Mr Blair also believe the next Labour leader should be English. They suggested that Mr Blair feared that Mr Brown would “wreck” New Labour’s achievements.

Asked whether it was feasible that a relatively inexperienced figure such as Mr Miliband, an MP since 2001, could beat Mr Brown, one minister said: “Look at David Cameron.”

The article further states that there is a “considerable level” of opposition to Brown within the Cabinet, it seems that the “fear factor” of getting in the way of the Chancellor’s ambitions is beginning to dissipate. I have to say that I would be personally happy to see a contest between David Miliband and David Cameron when the time of the next election is decided, and I’m sure that a lot of people share my view, there is nothing wrong or immoral in looking towards the future generation of politicians to help restore our belief in our democratic systems.

If there have been failings in Tony Blair’s government, if there are disagreements about style or “spin”, if there are feelings of having been cheated by the system or the policies, then Gordon Brown must take his share of the responsibility having been one of the two great architects of Labour’s “acievements” of the past ten years. I think we deserve to look forward to a “new” breed of politicians rather than being saddled with “more of the same”, don’t you?


Written by curly

April 8, 2007 at 9:51 am

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  1. It’s just a consistent history of Labor parties even here in Australia, where they totally fall away from their working class roots when they get into government because they have to run capitalism and capitalism doesn’t favour being nice to its working class.

    Benjamin Solah

    April 8, 2007 at 2:03 pm

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