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Madge, Curly's Corner ShopWhat a farce!

I was asked out last night, farcical really. A bloke who has been popping into the shop once or twice over the past couple of weeks, he must be twice my age with white hair and glasses, kind of sexy in a paternal way, but there was something about his smooth talking ways, I just wasn’t sure. Turns out other people are talking about him too.

Anyway he’d offered to take me to see a play, an amateur do down at the Westovians at the Pier Head, South Shields, a “politico-drama” he called it, something about 15 sailors, a politician, two boats and a pile of press johnnies. I’m really not sure if I could enjoy such a play so I politely turned him down. May be next time Mr. Browne I said, I’ve got two kids and can’t get a baby sitter at such short notice.

“I think I’ve got the same problem”, said Mr. Browne!

Oh, I found a poster of the play, Curly wanted it put up in the window.

Billy Liar, Des Browne

Posted by Madge

Written by curly

April 13, 2007 at 11:01 am

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