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Don’t blame the “fat cats” for getting rich.

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Lawyers rake in millions

I mean’t to discuss this issue yesterday but ran out of time. Recent reports are highlighting the millions of pounds made by the legal profession as a result of raising compensation claims for injuries suffered by former miners. The miners themselves haven’t made a great pile out of the scheme with average payouts of around £5000, but after having the legal costs repaid under a prearranged deal, lawyers are profiting enormously from the work they have done. It’s no wonder that certain firms are now well known after spending thousands of pounds on advertising themselves on local radio stations.!

Thompsons received £106.4m, Browell Smith & Co £51.2m, Mark Gilbert Morse £48.6m, Watson Burton £28.5m, The Legal Warehouse £13.7m and Kidd & Spoor Harper £11m.
Between them, they have raked in £259.8m in payments from the Department of Trade & Industry under an agreed set of payment tariffs for taking miners’ compensation cases.

North Durham MP Kevan Jones described it as “an appalling feeding frenzy for lawyers”. And the family of one victim branded the size of legal costs “disgusting”.

Before some of our regular trolls start leaping up and down, throwing their bacon butties around, let’s just remember who introduced the scheme, a certain lawyer who made over £1 million on one commercial deal, he tutored the couple incumbent in Downing Street (both barristers of course), Tony made him Lord Chancellor so he could decorate the office with handmade wall paper at £3000 per roll. Yes, you guessed, Lord Derry Irving.

Was this NuLabour’s first betrayal of it’s working class roots?


Written by curly

April 13, 2007 at 9:47 am

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