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Will Brown scrap ID cards?

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Where does Miliband stand?

Gordon Brown has left open the option of scrapping the identity card scheme if he becomes Prime Minister. The overall cost, set at £5.4 billion by the Home Office, will exceed the spending limit set by the Treasury.

David Davis, the Shadow Home Secretary, said yesterday:

“This is a stunning admission that Gordon Brown has not yet backed the ID card project. It is hard to know what the Treasury thinks is an ‘appropriate stage’ in the planning process since millions of pounds has been spent and is continuing to be spent on this ill-designed and poorly planned multibillion-pound waste of money.

This suggests that the Home Office has not submitted a robust costing plan, casting real doubts on their claim that this system would cost less than the £20 billion that independent experts estimate.”

I wonder where South Shields MP David Miliband stands on the issue, now that he still thinks that Gordo is “an excellent Prime Minister in waiting”?

Say NO2ID 

Written by curly

April 19, 2007 at 2:13 pm

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