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Miliband in awards ceremony

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David Miliband, Curly's Corner Shop

First “Brownie” of the year

South Shields MP and Environment Secretary, David Miliband was yesterday the recipient of the Chancellor’s first ever “Brownie” award for those who who gave up the fight and quietly acquiesced or stood down in front of “the great clunking fist”. Never one to sulk or hide away from a good photo-opportunity, Miliband gladly accepted the scroll from Brown’s staff with an admission that he no longer believed in “I can” and instead wishes to be remembered for being the first in the new “I can’t” generation of New Nu Labour politicians.

As today’s Observer so kindly describes the situation;

In the 13 years since he was denied the leadership by Tony Blair, the Chancellor has set out to make his succession seem so preordained that no one would dare challenge it. He has pulled off that remarkable feat as David Miliband joins everyone else who has surrendered to the inevitability of Gordon Brown.

David meekly conceded that the leviathan machine of Brown had ground him down, and that even if Labour get mauled at the polls next month he will still be saying “I can’t”

“I certainly am not in the business of waiting to pounce on local or Scottish and Welsh election results to change my mind.”

He fawned at Brown’s feet, eulogising over the Chancellor without hinting that everything the voters will have disliked over the past ten years has been achieved by a willing Brown in partnership with Blair, he is even reported as being willing to be one of the Chancellor’s two principle nominators for the crown;

Winning any election is tough. Winning a fourth straight one is a massive challenge. I will vote for Gordon Brown to lead Labour’s drive. I have watched him and worked with him for nearly 20 years. He has in the last 10 years done great things for living standards; no one is better qualified to lead across a wider canvas.

So Brown has dished out the first award, and until David unties the scroll we shall not know what the enticement or offer includes, will it be a beefed up and enlarged Environment department? Will Defra incorporate the Department of Industry too? Will Miliband become Brown’s first “green” Chancellor?

All will be revealed in the coming issues of “The Brownie”.

Written by curly

April 22, 2007 at 9:12 am

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