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Sir Salmon Rushdie

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Sir Salmon RushdieNew death threats

Unlike Iain Dale who has tried in vain to read a Salmon Rushdie book, I have never tried, so therefore I cannot tell you how good or bad his stories are. It’s now over twenty years since the publication of The Satanic Verses which upset the Ayatollahs and caused Rushdie to go into hiding for nine years, a fatwah calling for his killing cost the British tax payer thousands of pounds in additional protection charges for the author. His writings are obviously popular, he sells millions of books and the Prime Minister obviously holds him in high regard, hence the awarding of a Knighthood, now the Islamofascists are at it again making statements such as “if someone commits suicide bombing to protect the honour of the Prophet Mohammad, his act is justified.”

As Pakistani MPs issued a demand for the award to be immediately withdrawn, the religious affairs minister, Mohammad Ejaz-ul-Haq, said: “The West always wonders about the root cause of terrorism. Such actions [giving Sir Salman a knighthood] are the root cause of it. Mr ul-Haq then called on Pakistan and all other Muslim states to “break off diplomatic relations with Britain” if the knighthood was not withdrawn.

Pakistan’s condemnation came after Iran expressed similar sentiments at the weekend and will again raise concerns for Sir Salman’s safety.

Wouldn’t it make a nice change if someone from the Muslim Council of Britain issued a statement condemning these inflammatory remarks, instead of pandering to the extremist voices from abroad? I just cannot believe that our Islamic bretheren in South Tyneside go along with these statements.

Archbishop Cranmer has an excellent post on this topic, but he has obviously read the books.

Written by curly

June 19, 2007 at 11:29 am

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  1. I can’t help but question Blair’s judgement on this issue. Rushdie’s nomination would have passed across his or his advisor’s desk; he may have even made the nomination himself. Surely in the present climate it should have rung alarm bells? However, why be censored on who we honour by (unfriendly) foreign countries who lets face it, have no respect for our religious beliefs or practises.

    As to his books, there are far, far better writers out there who have not been honoured. What about them? I often wonder if there is an element of “Tony’s Cronies” at play here.

    Peter Shaw

    June 19, 2007 at 12:45 pm

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