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Brown promises to give the party back it’s soul

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Papa’s got a brand new bag!

Looks like there are a lot of mixed messages coming from Brown’s lot after yesterday’s celebrations in Manchester.

First shock was Harriet Harmon winning the deputy leadership contest by the narrowest of margins, then failing to become Deputy Prime Minister, having to settle with the party Chairman’s job, then Gordon Brown promising to give the party back it’s “soul”. He spoke of improving education, the NHS, affordable housing, and child poverty, all areas where Labour has singularly failed to live up to it’s reputation over the last ten years under his financial stewardship, he added;

“All I believe and all I try to do comes from the values that I grew up with – duty, honesty, hard work, family and respect for others.

“And this is what my parents taught me and will never leave me: that each and every one of us has a talent, each and every one of us should have the chance to develop their talent and that each of us should use whatever talents we have to enable people least able to help themselves.

“And so I say honestly: I am a conviction politician.

“My conviction that everyone deserves a fair chance in life. My conviction that each of us has a responsibility to each other. And my conviction that when the strong help the weak it makes us all stronger.”

Spoken like a true Tory, if I have to say so myself, and just as Margaret Thatcher was so many years ago, he is convinced that the power of the unions needs to be curbed further within the party, I wonder how that will affect their soul?

The months ahead will be interesting as Tory leader David Cameron promises to offer more positive policies to counter the more “steady as she goes” course of Gordon Brown, who will already be planning a new Cabinet and election plans for next year. Mr Cameron told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme amid intense speculation that a general election could be called next year:

“I am looking forward to the challenge. I’ve got a very important job to do, which is to give the British people an exciting and inspiring alternative to a government that I believe has failed. And that’s what I am going to focus on: a relentlessly-positive agenda.”

But he added:

“My issue with Gordon Brown is that I don’t believe he can provide the change that Britain needs.”

My issue with Cameron and the Conservatives is the over lengthy process of policy formulation and the dreadful monotony of middle ground politics that sidelines the party’s traditional core values and concepts, the middle of the road offers no real change and brings us even closer to the American style Presidential elections that so many of us abhor.

Oh, what I would  give for real alternatives!


Written by curly

June 25, 2007 at 10:06 am

Posted in Fun, Labour, News, politics, Satire

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