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Brown’s ‘liberal’ tendancies

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More like further loss of civil liberties

Just read a very interesting and incisive piece in Musings of a Reactionary Snob about Gordon Brown’s government’s lip service to civil liberties;

Gordon Brown:

We are facing an al-Qaida who are trying to cause carnage. We will agree to protect the public’s civil liberties

Hear, hear say I. If only it were true. This government has shown little interest at all in protecting the public’s civil liberties and has sought to rampage through the founding tenents of our legal system, ridden roughshod over magna carta and shown an outright contempt for long-held and hard-fought for civil liberties, which would have made Turkmenbashi blush.

You can read the whole piece here

including this delightful refrain from Pigdogfucker (caution this is a swear blog, but that should be obvious);

”I would rather die in another 7/7 style attack committed by someone who’d previously been released because of a lack of evidence of their guilt, than live in a society which locked people up indefinitely without evidence on the off-chance that they might do bad things”

Let’s face it, Brown wasn’t described by a former civil servant as being a Stalinist without good reason!

Written by curly

July 26, 2007 at 2:25 pm

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