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Local press ‘lazy’

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Another blogger in press attack

Rossinisbird in his post about local press being lazy, asserts that editors should be ashamed for failing to hold local politicians to account (and leaving the job to local bloggers) .

“We get the basic luck news stories, but there’s no real accounting taken of local politicians and comment is left to the letters page.”

Of course the letters page is filled with the normal comical contributions from R. Bays, N. Wilson and M. Harvey, but perhaps that is our fault for failing to put pen to paper (or just email). However it is the central point of Rossinisbird’s post which needs to be accentuated, our local newspaper just isn’t even trying to either find local news stories or to be brave enough to offer criticism of our politicians where it is plainly deserved.

Whilst Mr. Shaw is having a short break I welcome Rossinisbird’s company in this matter.

Written by curly

July 26, 2007 at 7:28 pm

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  1. Balance and unbiased reporting – I’m afraid this is not something our local paper knows much about.

    Perhaps it’s something to do with cosy relationship of the editor and senior figures in the council. It might be something to do with the fact that the council provides the paper with countless stories so they don’t have to work hard to find one. We would call the vast majority of these stories NuLabour spin, they obviously feel its news!
    It might also be down to money. I reckon South Tyneside Council must be the biggest single advertiser for the Gazette, so I suppose it’s only logical that they don’t want to upset their paymasters, perhaps the need for revenue clouds their judgement!

    The most recent example of this bias can be found on page 17 of last night’s Gazette. We’re told that Councillor Paul Waggott leader of the council is to start ‘drop in sessions’ at Calf Close House sheltered complex in Jarrow. By any standards this is blatant electioneering!

    It doesn’t take a genius to work out that Cllr Paul Waggott is up for re-election next year and is likely to lose his seat (assuming some poor soul isn’t de-selected elsewhere to give him a safe seat) and therefore needs every vote he can. Statistics prove that the elderly are more likely to vote (especially by post) so is this an overt attempt to ‘tap them up’.

    Surely there’s got to be some rule somewhere about cynical manipulation and misuse use of one’s position. I’m sure if I wanted to do something similar I wouldn’t be allowed in – I struggle to even get my newsletter into sheltered accommodation.

    Incidentally I informed the Gazette (on Monday) about a public meeting to be held on Tuesday 31st July to discuss ways of co-ordinating and promoting community action for the residents of Beacon and Bents. Guess what? I’m still waiting fro something to appear!

    Ahmed Khan

    July 28, 2007 at 10:01 am

  2. i was suprised to see that mr waggot will be holding his drop in sessions at calf close house one of our shelterd accomidations. these are the homes of the ealdely who rent these of south tyneside council.did mr waggot get the permision of all of the residance to use there homes so all and sundry could if they so wished gain access to this building? i fear mr waggot did not give a thought to the security risk of the leader of this council he should know better. i also recall mr waggot a few years ago used his position as leader to stop my clls at the time from holding there meetings in thomas bell house also a shelterd accomidation. why the change of heart now? let me guess.clls ed malcolm and m clare are now on your christmas card list or it suits you at this moment.come on mr waggot have some respect for our elderly tenents security. it may be that southtyneside homes not the council are deemed responsible for the saftey of this building and its tenents but you as leader of this council are in fact responsible.USE YOUR OWN HOME ITS ALSO IN YOUR WARD.

    j taylor

    July 28, 2007 at 9:07 pm

  3. mr khan is there any truth in the rumour thats ripping through jarrow and shields labour party at the moment that our leader is after all he has said jumping ship (a sinking one) into the monkton ward? the chair of the monkton ward i hear is not too pleased as he was as he thought the chosen one to replace mrs joan lewis.(what about womans quorters) has mr waggot been listerning to his wife,are we going to see another bede ward sarga?does this couple think the people of the monkton ward will roll over to get there bellies scratched by them.if ther is any truth in this rumour this man does not deserve one vote. COME ON MR WAGGOT SAY YOUR GOODBYS AND GO QUIETLY AND TRY AND KEEP A LITTLE DIGNITY.

    j taylor

    July 28, 2007 at 9:32 pm

  4. just a thought,will moria smith try to make a comeback in fellgate and hedworth to save the sinking ship mr wagott leaves behind. on second thoughts no she is not that silly (or is she) we will have to wait and see i suppose. womans quoters comes to mind, to them it would seem to be a reasonable excuse. but NO we will not buy that mr wagott.

    j taylor

    July 29, 2007 at 3:18 pm

  5. mr woggot you have got a tiger by the tail (ie cllr ian malcolm) you are dammed if you do and most certainly if you dont jump to the monkton ward.why should the people of this ward have more faith in you than your own ward off felgate & hedworth.if this is true you are making it blatenly clear the driving force is not working to make the community in which you live in a better place for all,its all about money mr waggot.


    July 30, 2007 at 5:34 pm

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