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Are the press turning on Cameron?

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Telegraph leader calls for the Opposition to do it’s job

Gordon Brown is enjoying his honeymoon, the ‘bounce’ appears to have given him a nine point lead over the Conservatives, the largest Labour lead for a long time, and now it appears that sections of the press are noticing that Cameron’s (more than one year) honeymoon must come to end.

Iain Dale opines that the Daily Mail, once a bastion of Tory support has gone pro Brown, perhaps after Brown has acquiesced to their campaigns, and today a leading article in the Daily Telegraph pointedly pushes Cameron in a last ditch effort to see some real opposition.

“The other glaring omission of Her Majesty’s Opposition is its failure to oppose. Where is the energy, the anger, the sheer bloody-minded persistence that characterised New Labour in the years running up to the 1997 election?

All political honeymoons come to an end and when Mr Brown has used his free hits and is grappling with real problems, as he will be, the Tories must be primed to punish him at every turn. Team Cameron would also benefit from the inclusion of a couple of battle-hardened pros to inject a little worldly wisdom into the enterprise.

Mr Cameron has led something of a charmed life until now but the mettle of a man is best tested under fire. The way he responds to this summer storm will decide whether the Tory Party he has so impressively transformed really deserves to win power.”

With Murdoch’s empire still undecided (though generally not attacking the government) it appears that Tory fortunes will struggle until someone takes the bull by the horns and starts fighting a major campaign against Brown’s top down form of government, his refusal to hold a referendum on the EU Treaty, immigration, law and order, the prison building programme, defence spending, NHS mis-spending, I.D. cards, and other issues that the ordinary man in the street wants to hear about.

We need a summer of David Davis and William Hague (if he isn’t too busy), the risk is that Brown, emboldened by the majority of the press, could call a snap election in the autumn and enjoy his current wave of popularity to the utmost!

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July 27, 2007 at 11:19 am

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