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Confusion from Cameron’s Conservatives

David Cameron

Talk about getting your words all in a twist!

The summer offensive seems to be shooting off in all directions. Redwood produces an interesting and useful position only to receive half hearted support from Osborne and lukewarm praise from Cameron. Hospitals will close under Labour, then some won’t, apologies are given then withdrawn. Family and social breakdown becomes interweaved with raising green taxes, and we learn from Conservative Home that the next election will be fought on social not economic issues.

It just seems to me that there is no clear single message coming from Team Cameron, it’s a very confused picture for those who have supported the party for many years, so I can’t imagine how a floating voter would view the prospect of a Cameron government?

If David Cameron wishes to represent real change, then he needs to stop being “all things to all men”, – that was Tony Blair’s role in life – and gain some conviction in something (before he loses his driving licence)!

Written by curly

August 23, 2007 at 10:31 am

Posted in Conservative, politics

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