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The killing of Rhys Jones

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Rhys JonesSearching questions

The senseless murder of 11 year old Rhys Jones in Croxteth, Liverpool has rightly shocked the nation and the Prime Minister has described it as a “heinous crime”. Politicians of all parties are recognising the need to address in some way the effects of a breakdown in social and family values and to ask searching questions about why young people in some inner city areas feel the need to to assimilate with “gang culture” and the “identity” that it provides.

As The Guardian article points out;

The street talk was of Magnum pistols bought for £400, of replica firearms which sell for £50 and can be converted to fire bullets retailing at £1 a time. The talk is chilling because it seems so incongruous on tree-lined suburban streets on a warm August afternoon. Then someone tells you to take a look at YouTube.

I shan’t bother pointing to the YouTube videos, readers can go and search for them themselves, they are chilling and portray a general bravado and a thumbing of the nose to decent legal behaviour. However, yesterday I commented on Ellee Seymour’s blog pondering about the ease with which deadly weapons have become available in the UK and asked whether the EC policy of open borders might be contributing to the free flow of guns, knives and drugs, and asked whether a hard nosed Border Police force might, just might, be able to stem the influx of this deadly trade.

Of course, there can be no one single solution to the problems that we are seeing, the multi-agency approach must be adopted, we have to start thinking about strengthening the role of the family and encouraging partners to stay together to provide the important influence of two parents in the home, we have to start thinking about housing, leisure, and educational provision, we have to start thinking about respect for each other and valuing the rule of law and the role of police and community acting together.

We have to start thinking seriously about the aspirations of young people and their future roles in society, but most of all (I fear) we have to tackle head on as united communities the evil greedy murderous intentions of those who deal in illicit drugs. It needs to be accepted that in many cases the growth of the gang culture is tightly wound up in the distribution and profitable supply of narcotics, which leads to a myriad assortment of quite often violent crime. Sometimes the taking out of one or two “drug barons” is enough to remove at a stroke a whole mini crime wave in some neighbourhoods.

Our young people need to know and understand that they can have a good life with a promising future leading to a prosperous job and a family and home of their own. They need to feel valued and wanted in society, they need to feel that they will have an important role to play, they need to be effectively communicated with. It is our responsibility as parents, teachers, mentors and guides, to provide the support and tuition that will appeal more than the insidious values of a creeping rotten form of “peer pressure”

The vast majority of our young people go on to make significant contributions to society, it is incumbent upon all of us to ensure that ALL children feel they can follow the same path, and to keep them out of the clutches of the gangs and drug dealers.

Let us all hope that some good can come out of the dreadful murder of Rhys Jones.


Written by curly

August 24, 2007 at 9:52 am

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  1. what is going on in this country, if children are not being abducted and killed, by adults, they are being
    killed by people of their own age, we need to stop this now, have we not learnt anything since james bulger
    that showed us years ago that things were not right, when young people murdered another young person.

    i believe that some of this is to do with these violent video games that teenagers play over and over again
    for hours filling thier young minds with feeling that to kill is fun,and that if you kill, the people will
    just get up again.

    i have an eleven year old, i feel the grief of the parents, just the same as when james bulger was murdered my older son was the same age then as james, it filled my heart with fear then, and it fills my heart with fear now.


    August 24, 2007 at 11:38 am

  2. curly this type of thing sickens us all,a young child playing football with his friends shot and killed by mindless thugs.this government must do something to stop this mob rule that is being allowed to, if we are not carefull bring this country to its knees.if things are allowed to go on as they are it wont be long before you have total anarchy

    j taylor

    August 24, 2007 at 6:19 pm

  3. my heart goes out to the parents, family and friends of this innocent victim. murdered by a heartless coward. i cant watch or read a news report without tears filling my eyes. people know who did it, dont hide this coward, dont let him walk away from this.
    the government can do things to solve this social situations but that would be a long term solution. short term the good people, the caring people must unite, join together and dont let these thugs rule our streeets.
    please please stop this now. let our youth live life having fun, safe to play, safe to enjoy time with their mates. hand the culprit over it will be best for him in the long run. it may even save his life. not that he deserves it

    cathal p forde

    August 25, 2007 at 2:03 pm

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