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Free speech should not be expunged by legal bullying!

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Usmanov free speechUsmanov move outrages UK bloggers

Craig Murray often hits where it hurts, Tim Ireland at Bloggerheads often causes dissent, Boris Johnson is a good laugh but you may not always agree with his point of view, Bob Piper is another humourous soul but I don’t agree with his politics. But I defend them all for their right to free speech and thought. Their sites were all taken down by their host after receiving litigious threats from Schillings acting on behalf of Alisher Usmanov.

It looks like Schilling and Usmanov did not wish to sue for libel or defamation, did not wish to have their day in court with Craig Murray, so instead bullied Fasthosts to close one of their servers, and in complying with this tactic sites authored by Bob Piper and Boris Johnson (who have never yet mentioned Usmanov) went offline too, Piper is back on line and Johnson should be back soon too with a new host.

Predictably the blogosphere in the UK and abroad has gone ballistic, Chicken Yoghurt has another huge list of those decrying the actions, Mr. Eugenides is venting his spleen, even Iain Dale chips in. I thank Rossinisbird for raising the matter here, I didn’t think it would escalate with such rapidity and fervour (although I should have done), bloggers have now managed to ensure that Usmanov and Schilling’s attempts to silence Craig Murray have singularly failed, you cannot delete the internet, and they must see that as no writs have been issued, no court cases scheduled, then no libels or defamations have been proved or disproved.

Such shoddy and brutally bullying efforts to silence free speech should never be allowed to succeed in this manner. I thought that Ed Balls recently launched a campaign against cyber bullying, perhaps he could have a little chat with David Miliband, South Shields MP, to see if he’s happy with Usmanov’s growing stake in Arsenal FC?

Never been keen on cyber bullying and legal threats, not nice at all.

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Written by curly

September 24, 2007 at 1:04 pm

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  1. That’s absolutely insane.
    Just saying Sheesh! doesn’t seem to be a very strong message– but Sheesh! I can’t help it.


    September 25, 2007 at 3:39 am

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