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More “cut and paste” journalism

A number of bloggers yesterday highlighted the dreadful practice of “copy and paste” journalism noting that The Independent no longer appears to be worthy of it’s name. The Spectator Coffee House blog raised the matter first about it’s story “Ten Myths about the EU Treaty”. They were closely followed by Open Europe and Iain Dale. before Guido waded in with his two penn’th. Of course just “copying and pasting” from a Foreign Office brief begs the question about who’s telephone rang first?

It also makes The Independent look like a sock puppet for political masters when it is unable to write it’s own copy. Gordon Brown and David Miliband must be delighted!

Happens in the country’s biggest newsrooms day by day. 


Written by curly

October 19, 2007 at 8:12 am

Posted in Blogging, Journalism

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