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Britain is reponsible for hundreds of millions of tonnes of more emissions

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Carpsio is angry!

Carpsio at The Devil’s Kitchen is rather angry over this report in The Guardian, which seems once again to move the goalposts!

I get rather sceptical myself about some of the claims, “facts” and “consensus” over this climate change issue, those who counter argue (even if they are respected scientists) quickly become victims of a campaign to paint them in the same light as holocaust deniers, they become subjected to personal character assassination, their funding may be cut for research, but if they had toed the line, tax payers’ money would continue to flow in their direction!

Please be warned, The Devils Kitchen is a swear blog, but can be extremely entertaining to read (in a Roy “Chubby” Brown sort of way), but the sentiments are often right.

Tim Worstall has a more balanced look at the report, which characteristically The Guardian have quite misrepresented.

Written by curly

December 10, 2007 at 2:48 pm

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