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No more EU pretending

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EU Flag
16 nations try to enshrine flag, anthem, motto, and currency into EU Treaty

Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, Austria, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Slovakia should all be praised. At least they are no longer carrying on a pretence that the EU Reform Treaty is substantially different from the failed EU Constitution!

By mounting a last-ditch effort to get the European Union flag, anthem, motto and single currency recognised in the new EU Reform Treaty they are ensuring that a treaty which was 96% similar to the EU Constitution now becomes 100% the same, and in a move designed to drive a coach and horses straight through the “red lines” laid down by Gordon Brown they would have us all learning the words to Ode to joy. Gordon Brown will not be in Lisbon to sign the treaty, he has a “prior diary engagement”.

Last night, William Hague, the shadow foreign secretary, said:

“As ever the world of the EU is bizarre. Brussels already uses the flag and the anthem. One of the few changes in the new EU treaty from the original constitution was that they wouldn’t become official. British ministers should give a clear message: forget it. ‘But what really matters is the substance – the serious hand-over of powers, including on foreign policy and home affairs from Britain to the EU. That hasn’t changed and that is why Gordon Brown should keep his promise and let the British people decide in a referendum.”

Nigel Farage, Leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) said:

“The full treachery that is being imposed on the British people is at last fully out in the open, the pathetic attempt of diehards claiming this wasn’t the constitution has now been blown out of the water. Let there be no doubt that this is a massive betrayal of the British people, the vast majority of whom want a referendum on this Constitution.”

Those who are allowing this treaty to be ratified without consulting the British people should hang their heads in abject shame, a Parliamentary debate is not what is needed, a full referendum, as promised by the Labour Party, is the only mechanism that will satisfy the British people.

Incredibly the BBC is stoically refusing to report this item on their news website!

United in Diversity – yeah, yeah.

Written by curly

December 11, 2007 at 9:42 am

Posted in Europe, News, politics

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