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John Redwood explains Tory tactics.

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Tory strategy becomes more clear on EU Treaty votes

Readers may have noted an air of puzzlement in my earlier post today over the Conservative and Lib-Dems positions during the first reading of the Bill to ratify the Lisbon treaty. Concerned at the apparent lack of bite I posed the question with John Redwood – why did the Conservatives fail to add their name to the amendment from rebel Labour MPs?

His reply indicates the full difficulty faced by opponents of the Bill after Nick Clegg’s volte face on behalf of the Lib-Dems, and Speaker Martin’s refusal to call the amendment for a vote:

“Had the amendment yesterday been called we would have voted for it, but the Speaker decided not to call it. It was not, however, an amendment to get a referendum but a vote to cancel the Bill as a whole – which is exactly what we voted to do by opposing Second Reading along with a few Labour rebels. We always planned to table our referendum amendment during the course of the Committee proceedings, and will do so – or we will support a Labour one tabled at that time. That will give opportunity for Labour to vote with us. Without the Lib dems we will not win.The thing to do is to concentrate on pressurising Lib dems to vote with us to give us some chance of winning.”

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January 22, 2008 at 7:09 pm

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