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Redwood and Cash in last ditch battle

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John RedwoodRaging against the machine

I take my hat off to Conservative MPs John Redwood and Bill cash as they table new clauses in the EU (Amendment) Treaty Bill. The government appears determined to use the might of it’s machine to steamroller the measures through Parliament regardless of the fact that they are signing more powers away to the EU, without consulting the public through a referendum.

Redwood reveals in his blog that the government’s timetable yesterday left only nine minutes to consider various clauses affecting 40 areas where the EU will receive enhanced co-decision making powers, it’s hardly the line by line scrutiny promised so many weeks ago. He adds;

“Clause 5 and the Schedules fared even worse than Clause 4, receiving no attention at all and passing the House without debate or vote. No wonder people think Parliament is doing a bad job, and are fed up with the way this government runs politics.”

The Redwood and Cash clauses attempt to enshrine within law the supremacy and sovereignty of our Parliament, on the basis that Parliament has granted the EU certain powers within the UK, so Parliament can modify or repatriate those powers at a later date if it wishes.

One hopes that they will find support amongst the group of Labour MPs who are similarly unhappy with the devolution of sovereign power to the bureaucrats in Brussels, in a battle which is quickly running out of time, this is almost a last ditch attempt to get the government to relent as the debate draws to a close this week.

We have seen in the past seven days the reaction of protesters and voters who have voiced their opinions about the Bill in London and in a series of mini referendums which clearly showed the lack of support for the measure outside of Whitehall.

Steve Richards’ article in this morning’s Independent will do little to placate the ambitions of the pro referendum groups, and has already drawn withering criticism at Dizzy Thinks, whilst Cassilis sees the opportunity for a well informed public debate seeping away. The gist of Richards argument is that governments will only turn to referenda when they know they can win the argument, otherwise they give empty promises to put debates on to the back burner.

Was this Tony Blair’s and Gordon Brown’s intent when they drafted the last Labour manifesto? I have repeatedly sought a reaction from members of South Shields Labour Party via this blog, they campaigned on that manifesto, Miliband was elected to represent South Shields on that promise, Hepburn made the same commitment to the people of Jarrow, but the party members appear to have been silenced. Please don’t labour the argument and underestimate the intelligence of your constituents by suggesting that the Treaty is vastly different to the originally proposed Constitution. We both know that that is not the case, as do the people you claim to represent.

Written by curly

March 4, 2008 at 12:50 pm

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  1. I wrote to John Hayes MP South Holland in protest that David Cameron had decided not to hold a referendum on the EU Treaty. The people are totally fed up with our powers being handed over to Europe and there is much unrest among the thoughts of the people. A vast amount of damage has and is being done by the Labour Government but it seems David Cameron has given up on the vote as well. Disgraceful!

    Tony Barker

    November 10, 2009 at 9:36 am

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