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Choosing how police use their time

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wasting police timeAnother ‘initiative’ from Brown

What is it with this man, doesn’t he understand that we need to see more police on the streets, not on the end of a Nokia! I didn’t necessarily mean greater numbers, just getting rid of the reports, the Blairite/Brown targets, the desks piled high with paperwork, and giving the police and the public what they really want – quality time on the streets.

David Davis, the shadow home secretary, said the package was a meaningless gimmick. He said:

“These contracts will mean nothing to areas swamped with drugs and plagued by violence. As for giving out phone numbers, our police already spend less than a fifth of their time on the beat. The public want them on the streets, not on the phone.”

Can you remember the days when you were taught at school that the policeman was your friend? “If you ever get lost ask a policeman” you were told, of course back in my school days I would see local beat bobbies at least six times a day, either on foot or on a bicycle (at least one good old fashioned method has returned) . You got to know and trust them, and they got to know you, and your parents. Luckily we have some reasonably good neighbourhood policing in South Shields in certain targeted areas, but the rest of us sometimes have a long wait if we phone them about a real crime being committed.

Over at the Policeman’s Blog Foxtrot Oscar had this to say:

With every shiny new Nokia there will, of course, be a crisp new set of forms and a nice black biro. Approximately one month after being given the Nokia and the notepads, the officer concerned will go off sick with stress, never to reappear.

I will accept that this is a good idea the day that Gordon gives the electorate his mobile number and makes himself available 24/7 to explain why he’s screwing up the country (and why all of his expensive, time-wasting initiatives do absolutely nothing to make anything better, and in fact make things worse).

Oh, and yes I know a thing or two about wasting police time, and you can buy the book here.


Written by curly

March 26, 2008 at 10:47 am

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  1. Great post – and only the tip of the iceberg. Have a look at Five Ohh on Twitter and share in the futility of form filling.

    Five Ohh

    July 16, 2009 at 11:41 pm

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