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cctvRoadside cctv cameras to send data to USA!

Can we possibly trust the words of politicians when anything that they tell us is “private and confidential” ends up in someone else’s hands?

The Home Secretary Jacqui Smith (who cannot trust herself to walk the streets of her own constituency) has been one of those telling us not to worry about the number and level of CCTV cameras, not to worry about the amount of private and personal data that this Labour government routinely collects from us, not to worry about changing the pattern to our lives in the face of terrorist threats – yet now it has been revealed that roadside CCTV cameras are using datamining techniques to send our most personal and private information to the USA!

Worse still, she hides her permission for this act in a “special certificate” which was not mentioned to Parliament!

“The certificate relates to the processing of the images taken by the camera, personal data derived from the images, including vehicle registration mark, date, time and camera location.”

Civil liberties campaigners said they were appalled that images of innocent people’s journeys could end up in the hands of the British police, let alone foreign investigators.

Ostensibly the reasons for this are as a safeguard against terrorism, well I’m sick and tired of hearing this argument, useful as it may be to the CIA and other agencies, they should be responsible for gathering their own intelligence, and our government ought to be responsible for ensuring that our ways of life do not buckle or change in the face of a terrorist threat. Apparently that’s the line that Tony Blair kept putting out after 9/11 and the London Tube bombings. Unfortunately this government has a very poor track record when it comes to safeguarding our personal data, their robust safeguards just don’t seem to work, secure https servers and ssl just don’t have any use at all when they are in the habit of putting discs in brown envelopes!

Makes you wonder how many civil servants carry a usb flash memory device, doesn’t it? Then who do you think looks after your data when it gets to the other side of the pond?

I know to my own cost that CCTV cameras are capable of reading vehicle registration plates in South Shields too – hmmmm……

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Written by curly

April 21, 2008 at 8:09 pm

Posted in I.T., liberty, motoring, News, politics, privacy

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