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Brown Shake(ira)s up Labour

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Shakira and Gordon Brown

Shakira the answer to Brown’s prayers?

With now at least 40 Labour rebel MPs lining up to make a stand against the abolition of the 10p tax rate, and hints that Conservative leader David Cameron may send his troops into the battle with them, it appears that the PM and the Chancellor failed to persuade the mass of the party, and the public, that “he gets it”.

The stakes are high, if the Finance Bill is defeated next week it could lead to a no confidence motion being tabled against Brown’s government, it remains to be seen whether he is prepared to reinstate the old starting rate for income tax or whether he will order Alistair Darling to build more benefit into the tax credit system (which will tend to lock people into Labour’s “client state”). At least five former ministers and whips have joined the ranks of the rebels fighting for the soul of the Labour Party and protection for some of the lowest earners in the UK, Labour’s claim to represent the workers could be trumped if the Conservatives decide to back the supporters of Frank Field.

Despite learning yesterday that the North East is at the foot of the table for national average weekly wages, not a single Labour MP from the region has decided to support Frank Field’s amendment to postpone the introduction of the new tax codes until a £1bn compensation package is put together to support low wage earners.

In more bad news for the Bruin’s government South Shields readers of The Sun will have noticed today that the Murdoch tabloid has come out firmly in favour of Boris Johnson in the London Mayoral campaign, this is the first time since 1997 that News International have backed the Tories and could signal a disastrous change in editorial policy for our unelected Labour Prime Minister. If the Conservative Party does decide to vote for additional help for the lowest paid workers this could tip Murdoch’s editors towards a full scale backing for the party, as it did for Margaret Thatcher.

Meanwhile reminding us that Nero fiddled while Rome burned, the Prime Minister showed that in fact he “does not get it” by being “brave enough” to converse with Shakira who gave him a big thumbs up!

Of course, this had nothing to do with “spin” as Brown pointed out;

“I have never believed presentation should be a substitute for policy. I do not believe politics is about celebrity.”

Yeah, right – we get it.

The hips don’t lie!

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April 22, 2008 at 12:30 pm

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