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Mr. Bean admits mistakes over 10p Tax rate

So Gordon Brown has had his arm twisted up his back and admitted some mistakes over the 10p tax rate abolition, he told the BBC ” we didn’t cover our arses as well as we should” the losses to low earners.

Not that his admission is going to be a great help to low earners this year, nor will it help the 7m savers, who through no mistake of their own, are just finding out that their pension contributions aren’t going to be high enough because of Gordon’s last Budget.

Ian Naismith, of Scottish Widows, said: “There is no getting away from the fact that this hits just lower-rate taxpayers. It’s rather unfortunate.”

Yes, it’s just another unfortunate mistake that Gordon made as he tries to convince us that he isn’t a tax grabbing over spending old fashioned socialist who loves to accidentally widen the gap between rich and poor. I wonder how many other howlers he’s about to fess up to?

“We’ve taken 7m people out of poverty” he was saying again in the House of Commons at lunchtime, reminding us that he’s thrown millions of pounds at the Post Office just to see them all closed down, created more jobs than the Chinese, that the New deal has saved us all from a banking crisis, world economic collapse, and terrorism too, and all in the last 42 days!

Didn’t he say all that last week, last month, and last year?

Oops, another mistake!

Only the Labour Party can look after the less well off.

Oops, another mistake!

Only we can keep you safe and look after your civil liberties at the same time.

Ops, another mistake!

The Olympics coming to London will have massive benefits for us all, no debt doubt.

Oops, another mistake!

I’m making all of the longer term decisions which might come back to bite me.

Oops, another mistake!

It’s cheaper to drive a family car in Labour’s Britain.

Oops, another mistake!

We’ve doubled council tax like no other government before us!

Oops, another mistake!

We gave you a referendum promise on further European integration.

Oops, another mistake!

As Chancellor, I sold your gold reserves at knock down prices because we didn’t need them.

Oops, another mistake!

I knew nothing about those loans.

Oops, (was that) another mistake?

I am more than a small dot on Robert Mugabe’s map of the world.

Oops, (was that) another mistake?

Our pubs, and clubs are closing down because you can’t smoke there and the drinks are over taxed cleaner and healthier.

Oops (was that) another mistake?

I will always be grateful for the help and support of Lord Levy

Oops, (definitely) another mistake!

It wasn’t my fault gov!

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Written by curly

April 30, 2008 at 2:27 pm

Posted in Bloopers, Labour, News, politics, sarcasm, Satire

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