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Brown’s bribe

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The Bribe
One off “tax concession” borrowed to win Crewe and Nantwich

Has anyone ever attempted to bribe the British people in the way that Alistair Darling and Gordon Brown did yesterday? Whilst we were sitting in South Shields Town Hall for the meeting of South Tyneside Council others were getting their calculators out to analyse the effects of this U turn over the 10p tax rate, and commentators determined just how big was the sticking plaster being used to patch over the gaping wound in Labour’s body.

£2.7bn borrowed from the markets to drive a small £120 payback to 22 million people despite the fact that only 5.3million were initially affected by the loss of the 10p tax rate. We now see that those earning between £18,500 and £40,000 pa will also benefit from the gamble as the Chancellor and the Prime Minister play roulette with the economy. It was all so easy to raise the thresholds with personal allowances, but it would have been a far more genuine gesture if it had been achieved at the expense of government spending elsewhere, perhaps a massive reduction in the amount of government press officers, political aides, spin doctors, and consultants might have made a better headline, especially as these are the people who seem to be pulling Brown’s strings.

So let’s hear no more from Brown, Darling, Balls and the others about Tory proposals for unfunded tax cuts, yesterday’s unfunded cut illustrated just how desperate Brown is to gain favour, yet the voters will see through this ruse, we know that eventually we will have to pay for this loan through cuts in services or through higher taxes. The Labour Party do not have a good record for saving our money, so expect your wallet to take another bashing at the next budget. We know a bribe when we see one, in fact we’ve read the script for this awful film, and it doesn’t have a happy ending!

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Written by curly

May 14, 2008 at 9:46 am

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  1. It’s a bribe, yes, but would the Tories really be any better? I’ve yet to hear any concrete proposals from Cameron or his shallow chancellor about what they would do (though we can fairly safely assume reinstating the 10p tax band is not on their list).


    May 15, 2008 at 7:22 am

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