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Miliband on Question Time

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David MilibandWith Labour’s stock falling pundits agree it was a poor performance.

I missed last week’s edition of Question Time on the BBC as we prepared for a long weekend away, but seeing that the stock in Gordon Brown and the Labour Party has fallen to new record lows, one might have thought that the programme offered the South Shields MP and Foreign Secretary a golden opportunity to shine and show his credentials as a potential leader.

However, as the following two video clips show, he suffered terribly at the hands of Daily Mail journalist Peter Hitchens, first by not being aware (along with the hapless Douglas Hurd) that the British government had bestowed a knighthood on the heinous Sir Robert Mugabe, nor being willing to commit to stripping the said knighthood from the African dictator. And secondly coming under a coruscating attack over the government’s determination to press ahead with the destruction of hundreds of years worth of hard fought and earned liberties in the UK with it’s plans to increase detention without charge to 42 days.

Justin at Chicken Yoghurt opined;

You read and listen to the political gossips touting Miliband as a future Labour leader and Prime Minister and you realise: Yes! It’s perfectly apparent that literally anybody could become Prime Minister.

Just what qualities mark Miliband as a leader, I’m not sure. Maybe he’s saving them for a rainy day, or at least for when it rains harder than it is right now. What does mark him as special though is his example. You watch him and it gives hope for us all. Who couldn’t be that feckless and inarticulate and evasive and mealy-mouthed and weaselly?

Biased BBC said Miliband was ill informed, The Telegraph question wether his officials at the Foreign Office were in denial about his appeal to voters, and The Spectator reckons he should check his facts and going on;

Last night was a stunning lack of form, on some fairly basic issues.

One hopes that his planned tour of the UK goes a bit better!

Here is the video clip relating to the Mugabe issue

[YouTube =]

and this video shows the biggest Hitchens’ attack on Miliband.

[YouTube =]

How do think Miliband performed? Does he look like a potential alternative to Gordon Brown?

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June 10, 2008 at 11:38 am

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