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Tim and Sam backing Gordon

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Sorry boys, but you have it all wrong on 42 days

I cannot understand how Tim Montgomerie and Sam Coates at Conservative Home have come to their decision, it’s beyond me. What liberal conscience that they possess must have rang in sick today. Now I know and understand that this is becoming an emotive issue for some, when in reality we need to take some of the passion out of it, but the guys at Conservative Home have to consider the accumulated powers being created for future governments and police forces by the Counter Terrorism Bill.

One hopes that they have already read the excellent article by Simon Heffer in The Daily Telegraph, and taken note of some of comments penned after it, or the post submitted by John Redwood in his blog today, from which I quote;

This government does not know the meaning of the word FREEDOM. Its ignorance of history means it fails to grasp the skilful English settlement based on the presumption that someone is innocent until proven guilty, and we all have the right to know who accuses us of what if we are dragged into the criminal justice system. It also means that the government does not understand the peaceful but doughty resilience of many English people to over mighty government. The opinion polls and the Sun may think the further erosion of Habeas Corpus to be a good idea, but I know of no true born Englishman or woman who thinks he or his neighbour should be locked away for 42 days on the whim of authority with no good cause shown and no case brought before a magistrates court.

I’m sorry boys but you are wrong, wrong, and very wrong. Cranmer calls the government’s proposals immoral too, come on wake up and smell the coffee!

The Counter Terrorism Bill in it’s present form will do nothing to deter, halt, or investigate terrorism. There is nothing within it which convinces me of the necessity to destroy our freedoms, and nothing which will promote or defend the values of freedom loving western liberal democracy. That’s because it’s promoters believe in centralism, control, and authoritarianism.

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Written by curly

June 11, 2008 at 1:38 pm

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