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Davis to fight for liberty!

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David Davis MPShadow Home Secretary resigns from Commons

I am shocked, stunned, surprised, and full of admiration for David Davis and his “bombshell” decision to resign his Commons seat and his position within the Shadow Cabinet. He intends to force a by-election in his Haltemprice and Howden constituency and it fight it purely on libertarian issues and attack the “slow strangulation of fundamental British freedoms by this government.”

His stance mirrors many of the issues highlighted in this blog such as the surveillance society, the database state, civil liberties, the 42 day detention issue, CCTV cameras and official snooping on citizens, and the over intrusive nature of the state in daily lives.

Three cheers to Mr. Davis, and to Nick Clegg for his decision not to field a Lib-Dem candidate in the by-election, he is fighting on issues that are common ground between the two parties anyway.

I think Jacqui Smith ought to follow suit and resign her seat too and test her beliefs with the electorate, do you?

It’s a far more important issue than Cllr. McAtominey’s drink drive charge.


The guys at Labour Home are in absolute knots over how to deal with this by-election.


New Shadow Home Secretary Dominic Grieve has announced that the Conservatives will repeal the 42 day clause. David Davis has had some affect already!

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Written by curly

June 12, 2008 at 2:10 pm

2 Responses

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  1. Considering the combined percentage of Tories and Lib. Dems. at the last constituency election was 84%, one would hardly call it high risk. Will the ratepayers of Haltemprice and Howdon be footing the bill? Sounds to me like the Tory P.R people have thought up this ruse. Could become a costly business if M.P’s. were to make a habit of such publicity seeking gestures.(I’ll take it back if I find that the Tories are paying for the privelege.)


    June 12, 2008 at 5:40 pm

  2. I’m still puzzled, however, the risk to Davis is that he never sees front line politics again in a way that is synonymous with the late Enoch Powell. He should easily win the by election but could be personally marginalised, that is the high risk for him.

    I have posted on a number of other blogs that perhaps he knew that Gordon Brown wanted to use last night’s victory vote as a platform to rebuild his shattered image, unfortunately as Guido now points out too, nobody will be listening to Brown over the next month, Davis will be the story.

    I wonder too if there is a serious disagreement between Davis and Cameron on the 42 days issue? Despite today’s statements from Cameron and Grieve that they will continue to fight the 42 day clause there has been no solid commitment to repeal the measure when Cameron becomes PM. Seeing as David Davis is as passionate as many thousands of us are about British freedoms, so close to the anniversary of Magna Carta, perhaps he has tried and failed to get a commitment to repeal certain Labour measures in the next Conservative manifesto. Perhaps this is his way of forcing these issues on to David Cameron’s agenda.

    I’m starting to think that Davis really did act on his own, without help or encouragement from anyone other than his constituency officials, even his old mate Iain Dale knew nothing of it until this morning.

    This is just me thinking aloud here

    If Labour really want to keep Davis out of the news, the best thing they could do is to boycott the by election and decide not to field a candidate, but the higher risk for them with this strategy would be the perception that they are unable to face the issues in a confidant manner. It’s O.K. calling it a stunt today, but what will they be doing on the by election day?

    I am hugely admiring Davis’ stand on such a high matter of principle and his philosophies echo mine constantly, I sincerely hope that the Conservative Party do not treat him like some pariah after his return to the Commons, and by bringing matters of freedom and liberty to the national debate, I hope he finds success in returning them to the thinking of leading Conservatives.

    As we approach the end of the Blair/Brown partnership we could do less with a new Blair clone and could use a more thinking leader who understands that the role of the state has become overbearing in life and needs to be drastically reduced. The relationships between the state and the individual need to be re-addressed.

    Finally Hackney Labour councillor Luke Akehurst is suggesting that they find a victim of a terrorist atrocity and stand them as a “front” against Davis. How low can you get?


    June 12, 2008 at 9:00 pm

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