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Cllr. David Potts and RobertaLegal moves

I’ve just bumped into David Potts, the South Tyneside Conservative group leader, and his girlfriend of many months Roberta, in South Shields town centre and they are spitting blood and feathers over the latest round of posts in the Monkeyhouse blog.

The lovely couple are absolutely furious over the scurrilous personal attacks and wild allegations over his private life on a website which seems determined to mar the efforts of all local South Tyneside political commentators. The author had better be prepared to justify his/her “contributions” to the local political debate or face some serious consequences when their identity is eventually revealed.

The types of attacks made on some elected councillors in South Tyneside is nothing short of being utterly disgraceful  and falls outside of what some would regard as the normal standards of decency, and perhaps the truthfulness and accuracy of some of the author’s claims need to be tested in a court of law. David has told me that he is ready to take whatever legal action is necessary to discover the identity of the individual (or group of people) who are writing these libellous remarks about him, I have never seen him looking so enraged and angry! Cllr. Potts, who will contest the next general election for the Conservatives by standing against Chancellor Alistair Darling, has already been in touch with WordPress the American owners of the platform which publishes the anonymous bloggers comments. He is in a pretty determined mood, and whilst he is usually a very likeable young man I have no doubt that you would not wish to cross his path when he is in this type of mood, David told me;

“I will find out who this person is, and I will take legal action against them to protect my personal reputation. I will not allow this person to carry on lying and besmirching many South Tyneside councillors who give up their own time and family life to represent their constituents, only to see their efforts dragged through the mud by this irresponsible and tawdry blog. “

I hope that the individual has plenty of money available because if David succeeds in unmasking him/her they will likely need to re-mortgage their home by time Cllr. Potts is finished with them.

The Monkeyhouse blog in the last 24 hours has included two posts flagged as “exclusive”, not political comments or the normal “attack” sound bites, but little snippets of local news that one would expect to find in the Shields Gazette.

One could speculate as to the identity of the author, but I’m sure there are others more appropriately placed to discover his/her identity and offer the person suitable “advice”, otherwise there is the possibility of other reputations being dragged down too.

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Written by curly

July 28, 2008 at 11:11 am

6 Responses

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  1. Ah, yes — the anonymous hate-and-innuendo ‘blog. I’ve seen them before, including one here called “Medwaytorywatch” — again, anonymous and really very poor.

    While such things can have their uses (e.g. Guido does a far better job, usually fully backedup with incontrovertible evidence) a lot of them are just a vehicle for the unscrupulous to pursue their own agenda. They feel they have nothing to fear and can do anything they like at others’ expense; and that is where they often cross the line.

    I don’t have a easy fix for this rather unpleasant trend; but a little awareness of how people might like to judge the veracity of unsupported and usually ad hominem assertions that they might read in other places is perhaps a useful way to head-off and dilute the impact of such methodologies. Indeed, around my way, most people are already too sharp to be taken in by the “Tory watch” I mentioned above, which has posted only half-a-dozen (all negative) articles in the best part of two years, the latest of which was dated April 2007…

    What they seem to want to try to do is to get some mud to stick and the damage done before any redress can be achieved. Indeed, in my own “story” a few months ago, the hatchet job came first, and the rest of the story came out only after the damage to me was done. On that occasion, I was well aware of what they were doing and planned for it, staying several steps ahead of them, and I came out of it smelling of roses and my political opponents had harmed themselves and their credibility.

    Trying to come up with a way to turn such things against the perpetrator is probably the best counter-attack possible. Sometimes they even learn the lesson and don’t repeat their eroor(!)

    John Ward

    July 28, 2008 at 2:45 pm

  2. They should remember what happened to ‘Dadsplace’. They went too far and were closed down. £250,000 was awarded to one of the people they libelled.


    July 28, 2008 at 3:12 pm

  3. […] the Sunderland area a couple of years ago, it is now crossing lines that can only be described as unlawful and libellous and those who remember Dad’s Place will recall how the writers were eventually ran to ground […]

  4. […] wimp David Potts has decided to tell the world via Curly’s Corner Shop of all places, click here, that he is going to take legal action against The Monkeyhouse in an attempt to fuck things up […]

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    Curly’s Corner Shop

    July 30, 2008 at 4:27 am

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