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Erase DNA profiles

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dna profileCall to protect innocent people

A government funded enquiry has concluded that the DNA profiles of a million innocent people stored on the National Database should be destroyed along with the DNA profiles of 50,000 children. The study also criticised “lax security measures” around which organisations had access to the database.

There is a growing public unease and displeasure at the way that this Labour government treats the most private information of it’s citizens and the news last weekthat DNA profiles have been sold on to private companies only adds to the feeling that little is safe or secure about the data that they hold about us. It should be viewed as intrinsically wrong that they continue to hold on to DNA samples of innocent people and children on the wild presumption that one day they will become a criminal. It reinforces the view that we are all seen as suspects with our guilt assumed rather than proven.

A “citizen’s inquiry” of 30 people appointed by the Commission to look at the forensic use of the database found widespread unease at the level of information contained on it. Most of the panel’s members were opposed to setting up a universal database. It said: “By putting everyone on the database you are naming them as a possible suspect.”

The Tories said ministers should “take heed of these findings”. Dominic Grieve, the shadow home secretary, said: “Currently the DNA database targets the innocent but not all the guilty.

“We have called for the database to be put on a statutory footing and properly debated in parliament . All serious offenders should be put on the database – and there must be safeguards to protect the innocent.”

David Howarth, the Liberal Democrats’ home affairs spokesman, added: “Public confidence has been shattered by the Government’s Orwellian attempts to create a national DNA database by stealth.”

A Home Office spokesman commits tham to considering the report rather than being brave enough to take any actions on it’s recommendations. All the while even more innocent people and children will continue to be added with the growing risk that their samples will be sold on.

Remember the innocent sales girl from South Shields?

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Written by curly

July 30, 2008 at 9:46 am

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