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Bribes and gimmicks

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Asus e900Bribes from Brown

Only yesterday  I was wondering how some disadvantaged families would cope with school homework in an age which demands more broadband access and computer literacy, the answers which I gained from “Junior’s” school in South Shields I really ought to have known. The schools have computers available in their libraries which are open from early morning until late afternoon as well as being available through after school clubs, additionally pupils can join the public library and get free internet access in Denmark Square and the branch libraries, although they do have to reserve a slot.

But I need not have worried, Gordon Brown’s Labour government is about to offer more gimmicks and bribes to buy the votes of youngsters who have never experienced the thrills of democracy in the past, he wants to buy their votes with a free computer at the tax payers expense!

Among the policies Mr Brown will announce is a £300 million initiative to ensure all school-age children have access to the internet. Families, who have been identified by local schools as having no access, will be able to apply for vouchers of up to £700 pound so they can get online.

It beggars belief to be honest, and shows the paucity of ideas of this bankrupt government, full of schoolboy intellect, and led by a caretaker up to his neck in national debt, rather than a wise headmaster. Just as nick Clegg doesn’t have a clue about the size of a state pension, Gordon Brown has no idea about the price of a pc (or the costs of broadband internet access.) I could nip out down to King Street in South Shields this morning and pick up three notebooks from either Curry’s or GHI and still come back with change, the netbook type pcs have a flash memory for storage, a Linux operating system, offer wifi connectivity, and one even has a built in webcam and microphone, all for around £200 or under.

However, one has to ask if it is the job of government to be supplying the public with computers and if they have considered the costs of an internet connection? Do they intend to pay the monthly fees for continued broadband access? Worse, in many cases in South Shields where there is no internet access at home, you will find that the household probably has a full television package complete with Sky Sports and Movies via satellite or cable, perhaps if they scaled back on the entertainment they could then afford the computer!

Don’t see why the rest of us should cough up for it.

Just to keep the young ones entertained further, Brown’s government is to spend £2.5m of our money on giving them free theatre tickets, just great if you happen to be between 18 and 26. Perhaps if we removed public funding from the 95 theatres they would then concentrate on producing entertainment that people actually wanted, and trim their costs so that ticket prices could become more affordable.

Back in July, Doctor Who star Catherine Tate warned that costly tickets made theatre “elitist”.

“If you want more people to come to the theatre, don’t put the prices at £50,” she told the BBC ahead her West End spell in Under The Blue Sky at the Duke of York’s Theatre, London.

The actress said she would “happily” take a pay cut if it meant more people could afford to see her on stage.

For once I can actually be “boverred” to listen, perhaps if a few more of Labour’s “luvvies” listened we might make some progress, but so long as we have government by bribes and gimmicks there isn’t much hope.

Why don’t they just bring the curtain down and bugger off!

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Written by curly

September 23, 2008 at 9:49 am

2 Responses

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  1. […] Original post by curly […]

    Curly’s Corner Shop

    September 23, 2008 at 10:16 am

  2. I think the is representative of what we can expect of Labour over the coming months. I am convinced we will see a shift to the left as Gordon Brown tries to shore up his ‘traditional’ voters, as the New Labour voters desert the party in droves. The truth is, New Labour was dressing, old labour is the meal. A move to the left will leave everyone else picking up the tab and yes, that means you and me. The sooner an election is called, the better.

    UK Voter

    September 23, 2008 at 12:44 pm

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