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“Pravda” and balance

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The press, Mandy and Osborne

Reporters under fire

You know how it is when you are trying to do a serious job and some joker/prankster comes along behind you and proceeds to nudge the back of your knee with a well aimed foot? That’s it, the balance is all gone!

Where is the news about Lord Mandelson’s links with Oleg Deripaska?

Gone, vaporised, disappeared from trace.

Little wonder then that some bloggers have taken to referring to some sections of the press as “Pravda”, or that Nick Robinson and Robert Peston are under unremitting attack from Guido.   Speaking of whom, his co-conspirators have found some juicy titbits about another yacht with Mandy on board, this time connecting him to Microsoft when they were facing a massive EU fine, no mention of it yet in Pravda’s BBC’s website!

However the Times has been polling Conservative councillors around the country about George Osborne’s judgement call on his tittle tattle about The Prince of Darkness and the non donation to party funds, it seems the Tory grass roots are calling for Boy George’s resignation, little wonder that they achieved such a polling result when they (according to Guido) asked councillors this:

Most of the Conservatives I have spoken to have said that Osborne should leave by the weekend. What do you think?’

Nothing like a leading question eh?

Any suggestions that there is a politician lurking in the background making quiet telephone calls to friends and press acquaintances is purely fictional of course, that’s why the BBC and the British press are proud of their “balance”.

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Written by curly

October 23, 2008 at 9:30 am

2 Responses

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