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What will an Obama win mean for Britons?

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Barack ObamaNo. 1. Bringing the troops home

America goes to the polls tomorrow to elect a new President and members of Congress and it is widely thought that Senator Barack Hussein Obama will become the next leader of the free world and the most powerful politician on the planet. This is despite some reports suggesting that the Republican candidate Senator John McCain is narrowing the gap, the picture nationally across America is still one of a poll lead for Obama, after the most expensive election campaign in history.

If we find on Wednesday morning that the Democrats have supplanted the Republics on The Hill then what will the victory mean for us in South Shields and Great Britain?

One of the first potential changes that would bring beneficial help and comfort to many families would be Obama’s declared objective to end the war in Iraq, which has now gone on longer than World War l and World War ll, he and Joe Biden have a plan for a structured, responsible, phased military withdrawal which would see American troops brought home by the summer of 2010. The plan calls for the Iraq government to accept it’s own responsibilities in building political consensus within the country and using it’s oil revenues to build a cohesive peace and look after their own security. The plan would also bring welcome financial relief to the Treasury, British military spending on the Iraq and Afghanistan adventures has already amounted to £3.3bn.

This is something which ought to be welcomed by most families who have sons and daughters serving in our own armed services in this theatre, and would see an end to reports of young men and women from South Tyneside dying in the service of their country. They have made an enormous effort in bolstering the security in the southern part of Iraq, but our government, like that of Bush, has no structured plan for winning the peace after the success of ridding the region of an evil dictator.

As we approach Remembrance Sunday it is worth hoping that the next President of the United States may bring a change in that nation’s foreign policy position which will help us feel that the sacrifices of Corporal Paul Graham Long, Corporal Simon Miller, Staff Sgt. Sharon Elliott, and Private Damien Jackson were not made in vain.

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Written by curly

November 3, 2008 at 1:07 pm

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