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A nice day for a walk…..

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Old Holborn, London…..with your friends.

I’ve had a real busy day, most of it spent outside of South Shields as Mrs. Curly seems determined to have all of this year’s Christmas shopping done before the end of this week. Life was such a rush this morning getting the kids to school and ashing off in the car for the morning shopping stint, listening to the radio and thinking about the stunning election victory enjoyed by Barack Obama and the Democrats in America. Then back home to take mu little stroll in South Shields before lunch, I found a little time to read about the US elections, let’s face it there’s little else to read about today (I wonder what bad news the government has buried?)

Back out shopping this afternoon, kicked off the pc by “Junior” (I really must invest in a laptop or netbook) and then out to find an illicit bonfire to photograph. It’s after nine and it’s a Champions League night, so I’ll squeeze this in before the second half is over.

My walk in South Shields was uneventful but very enlightening, I’m still number crunching, but I’ll publish more detail tomorrow, indeed my pre lunch saunter was far less eventful than Old Holborn’s along with his nine friends. Arrested, stopped, searched, for walking the streets of London in fancy dress to commemorate Guy Fawkes Day!

There was no protest. No slogans, no chanting, just a walk. OH wondered if it was still legal to walk the streets dressed as he pleased, unmolested by authority. It seems not.

What threat do these PCSO’s imagine a small group in fancy dress would pose? Terrorism? Don’t they imagine for a moment that the last thing a terrorist would do when approaching a target is to look as conspicuous as possible?

No, it’s not about terrorism. It never was. PCSO’s do far more than ‘reassure the public by providing a uniformed presence’. They were always meant to. If there’s anyone left who doesn’t see this yet, look at that picture again. What exactly are these people being arrested for here?

Old Holborn’s actions today may seem insignificant to some of us here in South Shields, but think again, in the nation’s capital, and here too, it is possible to be stopped and searched by the police if you happen to be in fancy dress, or ethnic clothing, or the wrong colour, because of the paranoia created by the Bush/Blair/Brown alliance and it’s anti terror legislation which is meant to protect us! As more and more pages are added to the statute book, more and more of our commonly held freedoms and liberties are being swept away, the centuries of richness and quality of  British life are being being destroyed and consigned to the history books.

We cannot be trusted, we are all suspects under the surveillance of the state, it will not be too far away when some knee jerked politician proposes that each and every one of us has our DNA sampled, recorded, and added to the National Database at birth (if indeed birth is to be considered preferable to cloning perfect citizens from animal/human hybrids.)

This is the sort of news they don’t want you to know about on the day that America voted for change!

Come back tomorrow to discover how many times I was watched in a 0.7 mile walk in South Shields,

Picture from Guido Fawkes, where you can also view some video.

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Written by curly

November 5, 2008 at 9:32 pm