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Gordon Brown, indebted

The Sun backs David Cameron

Gordon Brown and Labour’s plans will saddle our grandchildren with years of mounting debt which will have to repaid in higher taxes at some point.

The Sun had this to say this morning:

At last the Tories seem to be finding their voice.

They have decided to put hard-working taxpayers first — and dump their daft promise to match Labour’s bloated spending.

The cost of running the State has doubled to £600 billion a year since Labour took power.

Yet, far from using the good years to save for a rainy day, the cupboard is bare.

Our only option is to take the axe to the bureaucratic monster strangling our job-creating private sector. That means swift cuts in both tax AND spending.

Labour seems ready to gamble the entire economy on a “cut now, pay tomorrow” burst of tax reductions financed by ever-higher borrowing.

That is the economics of the madhouse.

It’s the madhouse all right, but some of us have been preaching this message for months!

There is nothing wrong with polarising politics, it gives people clear unambiguous choices, particularly if you believe that you have the right policies for the right times. So far Team Cameron have argued that you cannot win an election from anywhere except the centre ground, I beg to differ, Margaret Thatcher managed it three times! The middle of the road is the place of greatest danger, you are more likely to get knocked over as you stand arguing the same points with a crowd of people not looking out for the oncoming traffic.

What was the point of trying to look like Team Blair/Brown MKll? The country has had enough of that experiment and it’s ready for change!

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Written by curly

November 19, 2008 at 10:00 am

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