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Ms Smith and the police state

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jacqui smithI’ve already accused her of being a very dangerous woman

Let us just suppose for a few minutes that I had some major concerns about a business operating from South Shields and that I had strong suspicions that they were employing illegal immigrants and trafficking young girls. Let us just suppose that I approached our MP David Miliband about the situation and he arranged secret but detailed Home Office checks into the backgrounds of the operatives, during our letter exchange let us assume that a civil servant passes on just a little more information to David Miliband and somehow the story gets into the Shields Gazette. At the prospect of seeing some action I drop a cheque in the post made out to Mr. Miliband and asking him to give it to the Labour Party as a sign of my continued support (just so you realise that this is all quite fictitious), Miliband leaves the cheque in his desk for a few days expecting to pass it on to Ede House the next time he isn’t in Israel or Gaza.

However, just days before the Foreign Secretary is due to travel to South Shileds police officers raid his homes, and his offices, he is arrested in a very public manner at the airport and held overnight and questioned intensely on the reasons why he has a cheque lying in his desk, papers from the Home Office about people trafficking, briefing reports on local businessmen in South Shields, and his links to a local blogger.

Do you think he’ll be a happy chappy?

Thing is, the story wasn’t that important, no national security issues were breached, and it ended up that I was unhappy that my face had appeared in the Gazette particularly as there was very little substance to the allegation, certain people had threatened me, and now I felt at risk, all because I’d taken my worries to my MP. At the time the Home Secretary said she knew nothing at all about his arrest and that the police had not consulted her, I took it all with a pinch of salt to be honest, thinking to myself:

“When was the last time that Jacqui Smith prevented the police from taking any particular course of action? Did she prevent them from trying to impose a 42 day detention without charge? Did she prevent them from building the world’s largest known DNA data base? Did she ever stop them from mounting CCTV cameras every thirteen yards or so along the streets of South Shields? Did she actively stand up for my interests?

Hell no, of course she didn’t, that’s why I accused her of being a dangerous woman”.

Now, I cannot even talk to my MP, I don’t know if he will be bugged, arrested, or my private correspondence to him be read by a whole troop of policemen after they’ve finished going through our emails, he isn’t even worth telephoning these days. The police were even suggesting that he had “groomed” a civil servant to pass documents to him, there you go turn yourself into a whistle blower and be stained for ever as a child abuser! As far as being a Member of Parliament he may as well not be there, run along David, go and find a real job son!

Of couse it’s not all Jacqui’s fault that we have a virtual police state is it? There’s her pal “Gorbals Mick” Martin, the Speaker of the House of Commons, to thank for this state of affairs too. It was he who ordered the Sergeant at Arms to open the back door of St. Stephen’s Tower to let the plod in, it may have been him who directed the squad of detectives to Mr. Miliband’s office in the warren of corridors at the Palace of Westminster, enabling them to remove the ethernet cable to my MP’s computer and drag it out of the building under the cover of darkness. Yes, what a fine upholder of centuries of tradition is our Speaker, no longer acting on behalf of the Commoners but acquiescing to the Crown and the government of the day.

Of course, such a fictional course of events could never happen in modern day Britain under the Labour Party, could they?

Please don’t call me here, I’m off to a secret safe house with a circular door somewhere under the Hill.

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Written by curly

December 1, 2008 at 12:39 pm

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  1. More hysteria.

    I admit that some personal freedoms have been attacked by this government, but we’re a long way from becoming a police state – you’re writing this without any intervention from the ‘Authorities’ aren’t you?

    It’s by no means certain who sic’d the police onto Green, but whoever it was it seems not to have been anyone directly involved in Home Office affairs. If it had been then, yes, it might be redolent of a police state. As it is, the police seem to have largely managed this cock up on their own – which should give us some hope.

    To say we live in a police state is an insult to those millions upon millions who actually live in one, where people are arrested at 3am, taken away, tortured and then murdered.

    I don’t think any of this happened to Mr Green…

    Let’s have less hyperbole and more reasoned debate.


    December 1, 2008 at 1:46 pm

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