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Labour List logoLabour List officially launches 12th. February

“Dolly” Derek Draper the wife of GMTV lovely Kate Garraway (and Labour spin doctor – yeah that explains Gordon’s slouch on the couch the other morning) is to officially launch NuLabour’s blog for the masses Labour List on 12th. February. Nice name Labour List, it does kind of suggest a large ship of state like the Titanic slowly keeling over and taking many down with her, and on the deck of this Titanic who do we find playing in the band?

  • David Lammy (who did so well on Celebrity Mastermind – not!)
  • Jag Singh
  • Spencer Livermore
  • Alan Millburn
  • Peter Mandelson (Spinmeister general and Prince of Darkness)
  • Ken Livingstone
  • Benji Wegg-Prosser
  • Piers Morgan
  • Derek Dolly Draper
  • Charlie Whelan (Brown’s favourite spinner)
  • Philip Gould (Brown’s favourite pollster)
  • Luke Akehurst (long time Labour pain in the neck blogger)

So as you can see from the line up, (no room for Alex Hylton) it will probably be top down controlled by the party with little or no boat rocking allowed from Labour supporters, either Nu or Old.

I tried to join, it’s sort of broke, the site ended up giving me the name Piers Barrett, how very strange, perhaps that explains why they have chosen a ridiculous sticking plaster as their logo!

Can’t for the life of me see it as being as lively as Conservative Home, and it will probably spell the end of Labour Home, which at times can be a bit of fun but is usually as dull as dishwater. Oh well, I might add it to the blogroll and see if Dolly is willing to reciprocate.

Well at least Labour Party members in South Shields can now add a bit of variety to their internet reading.

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Written by curly

January 10, 2009 at 6:40 pm

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