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Red faces all round

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Gordon Brown

Compare and contrast

Here are a few extracts taken from an interview with the unelected Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown with the Guardian almost exactly one year ago. You will note that some of these comments have been made by Brown over and over again ad nauseam.

But I also believe that Britain is better placed than most to withstand the global turbulence.

I believe in many ways that Britain is best placed because of the decisions that we have made both recently and in the past

And why am I saying that Britain is better placed because I believe we have an economic resilience that we perhaps did not have ten, fifteen or twenty years ago.

So we enter this very difficult period with Britain better positioned because we’ve got low inflation, because we’ve got a record of stability, because employment is higher than ever it has been in our history.

In other words we are not seeing unemployment at this stage rising.

This is the year when we will make and implement all the major long term decisions that are going to safeguard and equip Britain properly for the future.

We’ve put ourselves in a better position to withstand a global turbulence that is affecting every economy.

But I believe we are well positioned to do it because of difficult decisions that we’ve been prepared to make.

I would like to see lower income people having more wealth.

We are one of the best placed countries to do well in this new global economy.

Now contrast all of that embarrassing appendage waving and waffling with these extracts from this Times article outlining the European Commission’s grim report on the prospects facing Britain just twelve months later.

Britain’s economy is about to suffer its most vicious slump since 1946, shrinking by a drastic 2.8 per cent this year

Brussels predicted that the UK would suffer the worst recession of any large European economy.

The economy’s plight will prove far worse than the Treasury has acknowledged.

Independent economists are predicting a contraction in GDP of 2.5 per cent or more this year.

Brussels said that growth would barely register at 0.25 per cent.

The consequences for the UK would include soaring unemployment, while the economy also teeters on the brink of full-blown deflation.

The unemployment rate would surge to 8.2 per cent of the workforce, from 5.3 per cent at present.

Britain was unlikely to reap hoped-for benefits because a sharp drop in the pound was making UK exports more competitive. The Commission concluded that Britain’s manufacturing base was too small to exploit

Fuelled by the bills from bank bailouts, the UK’s national debt is set to swell to £1.06 trillion, or 72 per cent of GDP, by 2010, Brussels projected.

Just twelve months later, the Prime Mentalist is still fire fighting, still borrowing more, still throwing money about as though it was pennies at a wedding, still accusing others of doing nothing, whilst his efforts have achieved ………what exactly…in twelve months?

Britain….best placed….or red faced?

It’s high time someone told this embarrassing Scotsman to remove himself and allow the the good people of the UK the opportunity to actually ELECT a new Prime Minister with a strong economic team charged with putting right the God damn awful mess that you are deliberately leaving behind!

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Written by curly

January 20, 2009 at 10:04 am

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