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Harman knocked about

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Harriet Harman

Hattie trashed by “loyal deputy” in panto performance

In a performance that was almost as good as Alladin at the Sunderland Empire “Hattie Harman” made a poor Widow Twankie in the Commons yesterday, in the end she did not get her man!

Whilst the PM was in America looking for help to save the world, Conservative Hague “the loyal deputy” was laying into Harperson and revealing the lack of depth in her preparation for Prime Minister’s Questions, humblimg her over the government’s efforts to stimulate the economy and forcing flustered Harriet to later make a major gaffe over Sir Fred Goodwin’s Knighthood. Harman seemed to be convinced, well at least she thought, that Goodwin’s gong was awarded for his services to charity, namely the Prince’s Trust, when all around her knew that it was for services to banking . This resulted later in a quickly forced apology after being challenged by Plaid Cymru leader Elfyn LLwyd (now there’s a name that should be in a panto.)

She was chided and cajoled by Hague over her leadership ambitions and he urged her to seize the moment!

‘When Chamberlain lost his party, Churchill stepped forward. When Eden crossed the Atlantic, exhausted, Supermac (Macmillan) came forward. This could be her moment!’

Those around her on the Labour benches were struggling to keep a straight face, even our own South Shields MP David Miliband watching one of his possible leadership contenders being put through the mincer by Hague was pulling the most weird contortions as he struggled to stifle a grin. Goofball Lord Myners, the ex-City figure who is now a Treasury minister, watched from the peers’ gallery. Behind Miss Harman, Labour MPs sat in a block cringe. Business Minister Ian Pearson stroked his gullet. Alistair Darling, to Miss Harman’s left, twiddled his thumbs and smirked. Hazel Blears and Alan Johnson sat nearby tight lipped arms firmly folded probably with their minds squirming in embarrassment as Harman plodded on unable to deliver any real answers as to why a succession of government initiatives to stimulate the economy had still not yet been put into place, they were probably thinking that they could do a better job themselves!

It was classic Hague knockabout stuff and he was digging the knife in deep and it hurt, as Hattie picked up a jumbled mess of papers franticly searching for the correct brief and the right answers, which never came.

She eventually found what she was looking for but by then it was too late, she’d lost her man. In answer to a question about banks and pensions from Dr. Vince Cable she remembered that Hague had been paid £300oo by RBS for two after dinner speeches, pity she couldn’t have had that quote available when Hague was on his feet.

Pity that Labour had nobody available, capable of commanding such fees, when they need them most!


Here’s a video clip for those that missed it, watch out for Harriet’s stony face and Miliband breaking into grins at her discomfort.


William Hague explains what he was up to in the Commons


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Written by curly

March 5, 2009 at 10:04 am

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